Define the ligand contacts you want to search for by selecting the receptor nodes connected to the ligand.

  • To select a node, click on the relevant button. Selected nodes are colored in pale blue.
  • Click twice for a reverse selection. The nodes selected in this way are colored pale red.
  • All those networks with one or more "red" nodes are automatically discarded from the search results.
  • Click three times to deselect a node. Unselected nodes are colored gray.
  • The buttons without conservation (i.e. I1, E1, I2, E2, I3, E3, I4 (nodes between helices 7 and 8), NT (N-terminal), and CT (C-Terminal))
    indicate generic, unconserved, nodes placed in the corresponding regions of the receptor.
  • The "Other" button indicates any other node not belonging to the receptor.
  • Approximate matching between selected nodes and the contacts present in our db is available using the Search Fuzziness slider.
    The greater the value, the greater the fuzziness. As an example, if fuzziness is set to 2 and you search for node 6x50, it can be matched
    with one of the following nodes: 6x48, 6x49, 6x50, 6x51, and 6x52.





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